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Foreign Language Vocabulary

ZipLS Foreign Language Vocabulary is designed to drill students on French, German, and Spanish vocabulary words. The software has preset word lists and include an editor that allows custom word lists to be created and modified. The direction of custom word lists can also be set (for example Spanish to English or English to Spanish) The application is perfect for assisting students in learning assigned lists of vocabulary words.

The software integrates with optional text to speech voices to speak the words and phrases in the foreign language. The system supports special characters such as umlauts, accents, and tildes.

After completing all levels students reach a practice level where they are drilled on vocabulary words that give them difficulty. See Artificial Neural Network for details about how the words are selected.

The administration and reporting capabilities of the ZipLS system are also included with the foreign language product. To purchase ZipLS Foreign Language use the Buy Now button on the left. To purchase the full ZipLS system including ZipLS Foreign Language use the Buy Now button on the home page.



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