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ZipLS geography is designed to drill students on the location of countries and states. Geography is divided in the following maps: Europe (depicted on right), Asia, Africa, Central America, South America, United States, and the World.

Since each map is based on a NASA satellite image, students will learn to identify countries and states based on accurate images instead of artists representations.

In addition to map related questions, ZipLS Geography has lessons which drill students on state and country capitals and detailed country information.

Questions are divided into different levels, with each level covering a region of states or countries. Learning occurs gradually as the student progresses through the various levels. A student advances to a new level after answering at least 90% of the questions in the current level correctly.

After completing all levels students reach a practice level where they are drilled on countries or states that they are still struggling with. See Artificial Neural Network for details about how the problems are chosen.

The administration and reporting capabilities of the ZipLS system are also included with the geography product. To purchase and download ZipLS Geography use the Buy Now button on the left. To purchase the full ZipLS system including all subjects use the Buy Now button on the home page.



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