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ZipLS Math Facts is designed to drill students on elementary arithmetic. Math Fact lessons cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Questions are divided into different levels, with each level having an increasing degree of difficulty. Learning occurs gradually as the student progresses through the various levels. A student advances to a new level after answering at least 90% of the questions on the current level correctly.

After completing all levels students reach a practice level where they are drilled in problem areas. See Artificial Neural Network for details about how the problems are selected.

ZipLS Math Facts includes a timed test which gives the student a fixed amount of time to complete a set of math facts. The use of levels, practice, and timed tests has proven to be very effective system for teaching math facts. With the ability to measure student progress through ZipLS reporting, expect ZipLS Math Facts to be significantly more effective than ordinary paper-based or other software-type Math Flash Cards.

The administration and reporting capabilities of the ZipLS system are also included with the math product. To purchase and download ZipLS Math which includes both math facts and math problems use the Buy Now button on the left. To purchase and download the full ZipLS system including all subjects use the Buy Now button on the home page.



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