Computer Accelerated Learning


ZipLS provides reports to help parents and teachers assess a student's progress for each subject. The reports show different degrees of detail ranging from a high-level student progress report to detailed question statistics.

The student progress report shows 4 bars: green indicates problems that have been mastered, yellow indicates questionable, red indicates weak, and gray indicates that the system does not have enough information to make a judgement. This report allows a parent or teacher to quickly determine how complete a child's knowledge of a subject is.

The student results report shows a running log of the student's use of the ZipLS system. This report is useful in tracking how frequently the child is using the software.

The question statistics report shows details of the student's performance for each problem or question. Using this report a parent or teacher can pick out particular questions or problems that a child is struggling with. This can be useful in determining which problems to focus on during instruction.





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